How to join ?                                                    Note: Sometimes we have promotions so stay follow us on Telegram: AltcoinSynergy       Download Telegram for mobile
Step 1.
Send 0.025 BTC to ​the ​address:  1P8ouMfySYcwmbpMXRoHKckruE4mBBWHPu
for other crypto currency so click
You pay for forever 

Step 2.
When you ​complete paying please take "screenshot" the transaction and send email to: . Do not forget write your name and surname inside email

Step 3.
Download Telegram App. for your mobile or computer after we will send and email for invitation to the Premium AltcoinSynergy group. Our Signals will share on Telegram Group
Same time you can follow our free AltcoinSynergy Telegram group for follow result same time you can share with your friends

Step 4.
Good Luck !
If you have any comments, questions and special request please do not hesitate to contact us and write on Telegram Group